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R&P BLF has been founded in 1995 as solo law firm operated by Professor Kleanthis Roussos. The firm has profound knowledge and broad experience in business law, litigation and corporate, and it mainly serves corporate clients, national and international.

The firm’s personnel comprise high qualified lawyers, English, German and French speaking. The firm is in long standing cooperation with high qualified tax consultants to support its clientele in any tax matters involved with contracts or with business operations.

The Firm successfully conducts standard litigation, national and international arbitration, in difficult civil or commercial disputes. The firm’s strength is to make complex cases easy and understandable to the parties and especially to the members of a Court panel. The experience and the good reputation of the firm help our clientele to achieve the best possible results.

M&A is a main activity field of the firm comprising accurate due diligence procedures in all business fields and negotiation skills in the implementation of the clients’ interests. The clientele receives appropriate support in all contractual, tax and regulatory issues related to a merger and acquisition project.

The addict “boutique” shall mainly indicate the firm’s ability to offer highest level performance in any field of the business commercial and civil law for its national and international clientele. German speaking clients profit from the convenience to communicate, orally or in writing, in their native language like home. English speaking clientele enjoys the advantage of receiving clear and comprehensive statements and explanations even of the most difficult legal structures of Greek law and jurisprudence.

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